The art of counting cards in Blackjack Online

When you play games in a casino, you might soon think about how you could get one step ahead. While we have to admit that it is very difficult and very often sheer impossible, knows a few things around Blackjack online at least. If you read on, you will find out a few interesting facts and ideas around counting cards in Blackjack games.


What counting cards is all about

There have always been players trying to get an extra edge in Blackjack. But since the 1950s, players have started studying the proceedings in the land-based casinos. A few years later, there were a number of concepts on the table already. They mostly evolved around games with lesser amounts of card decks in play, but obviously were extended to multi-deck Blackjack games.

The stereotypic playing style of a card counting Blackjack player often attracts the attention of the casino operators though. And such players are not regarded very highly by the casinos. In fact, more often than not, they get banned once they have been spotted using outlawed tactics. Proving that paying close attention to proceedings is an unfair style of play is difficult though.

Play - just play

Online games are slightly different. Video games have no visible card stack and in many cases the hidden cards get virtually shuffled all the time. The only type of Blackjack online where you could make a difference by counting cards are the live games. But even there it will be very hard to find a game with a sufficiently low amount of decks.

The best idea is thus just to play - not with closed eyes and no attention to detail. But play with your heart and your best knowledge about the game. The more complicated a system you follow is, the more you run the risk of getting lost in it and messing things up anyway. Just play ahead and learn more about the game as you go.

Read up on the technique

While you play, you can still collect some tips about what you should and could do in which situation. Instead of counting cards you could initally also learn how to play with side bets. This could help you to mitigate the risk you sometimes have to take at Blackjack. If you are keen to learn counting cards, there is enough material available to read online.

Methods that were used in the 50s and 60s of the previous century are already outdated again. After all, the casinos were not dumb either. They have adapted their operation standards to the point where it got more difficult to beat them to the money. Online casinos have system in operation too, which help to detect players who show signs of robotic or stereotypic action.

The effects of counting cards

To come to the actual art of counting cards, it is actually rather straightforward what you have to do. Look at which cards disappear out of the game and you will have an idea about how many high and low valued cards are still available in the card dealer's shoe. The sheer number of decks and cards makes things largely guesswork though.

Playing Blackjack with six or eight decks has become the regular thing. This makes it very hard to get the complete picture on the table. After all, there will never be a game where every single card will come into play. Also, the dealers in the live casinos generally shuffle the cards more frequently to ensure the random nature of the game.

Is it worth the effort?

You may just be on the look for some entertainment, or to exercise your brain a little. Then counting cards can be the right thing for you. If it does not help you in the game of Blackjack, the concentration training may help you elsewhere in life. In case you will need to memorize long strings of data, this is just the right training.

Other than that, the difference you can make is minimal. Casino operators have put too many measures in place to make sure that they keep their edge. Between the advantage playes and the operators, a race is going on, but there will only ever be one winner. As soon as casinos figure out gaps in their defences, these gaps will soon be closed again.